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My favorite leisure activity is intellectual harassment.
Я сейчас переводил для мнений один комментарий, написанный чертовски хорошим английским языком.

The "Like" button speaks to our better nature, rather than the one which concerned people like Freud. I am not qualified enough to utilize an "enemies" button and even if I take the time to read works such as "The Human Nature of Social Discontentment" by Gary Thom, seebooks.google.ca/books?i...
I don't think it will make me any wiser about a "Dislike" button. Greater minds than me have warned humanity about our fragile social selves, I really think it does not serve anyone else well, to go ahead and prove it.

Facebook is a wonderful container of marketing through a digital connection, it has saved me many arguments with the wife, now that her attention is fully devoted to what everyone is doing in her friend and family network. She gets on with "her stuff" I can get on with my life.
As a person who has spent many years trying to figure out how to drop out of society, while still hanging on to its gifts - social media allows me to sit on the edges, out of the way, while still being able to witness what the great massiveness in the middle is doing.

It is quite wonderful, and most likeable a personal proposition. I am sure that the "Chris Rock" of social media will earn millions of dollars, but when that entity emerges, I expect them to be a great comedian.

Any figment of intelligence that I may be personally able to conjure up to address this particular issue, tells met that a lot of likes mean likeable and very few or no likes means "dislike". I would rather measure the attitude that goes behind the likes, rather than the meagerness that goes behind a dislike.

Ultimately I think we are evolving as a society in what people like Steven Pinker has shown to be an upward and healthy direction. That does not mean we escape the horrors of the present moment or allows us to hide from current realities, but as Pinker points out - these are much better realities than our ancestors had to contend with.

Why would we then take a backward step and welcome in darkness, when the world is cracking and creaking towards welcoming more light?

The only issue I personally have with social media is that I am not a fan of broadcasting, I am a supporter of thinking - and such personal thinking begins with me - as in, why did I bother to just write this?

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Время действовать

My favorite leisure activity is intellectual harassment.
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МНЕНИЯ.РУ2 Февраля 2012, 14:14:55

Митинги в ассортименте

4 февраля в Москве пройдет ряд согласованных массовых акций. На улицы города выйдут движение «За честные выборы», партия ЛДПР, «антиоранжевое» движение, а также сторонники «чистой демократии».

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МНЕНИЯ.РУ3 Февраля 2012, 14:59:09

Как митинги изменят ситуацию в стране

Мнения.ру спрашивают участников запланированных в Москве митингов, к каким политическим последствиям могут привести эти мероприятия и как они отразятся на предстоящих выборах президента.

Барабанов, Холмогоров, активист Солидарности, Проханов, парень из ЛДПР - совершенно различные взгляды на будущее.

Из-за таких тем мне нравится здесь работать.

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Моя первая колонка

My favorite leisure activity is intellectual harassment.

22 Октября 2011, 17:37:23

Задержание студентов назвали «ошибкой организаторов»

Скандал, вызванный визитом президента Медведева на факультет журналистики МГУ, получил дальнейшее развитие. Представители факультета признают ошибки, а студенты собирают подписи под петициями.


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I did it for lulz.